3 Things Brides Regret

"#noragrets" am I right?!

But here a few thoughts I've heard from brides who would do it just a little different in hindsight. 


And hey...if you'd do a lot differently from your wedding too, just remember, #theresgraceforthat. Am I right?!

Kayla Johnson

Kayla Johnson

1. Over-thinking bridesmaid attire

     We all want something our maids can “wear again” or “not spend too much on” but the hang-up is worrying they won’t be cohesive.

     A little piece of insight I wish I’d known: there is never a moment on the wedding day when ANYONE wonders why the bridesmaids do or don’t match the flowers on the tables and the ribbons on the doors.

     I promise you, they don’t have to be in a scheme with your decor unless you NEED everything in your wedding to be green, then I get it. But remember- these are people. Party-goers that will happen to be on stage with you at your wedding.

Don’t feel the pressure to make them match the decorations...or even each other!

     Of course you don’t want your pictures to look crazy so you’re not going to let them wear Hawaiian shirts and cargo pants, but I promise you...almost any color combination of solid colors is going to turn out even better than you’d imagined.

*ProTip* Go to Lowes and get a paint swatch card to mail to everyone and tell them to find their own dress within the scheme (like sweet Johna did, pictured above)! Guaranteed they just want to make you happy, so don’t overthink it, baby girl.

Britt Croft

Britt Croft

2. Inviting too many people.

This is a tricky one because I am not gonna be the mean lady that tells you to exclude people you love and that love you.

I am gonna be the mean lady that asks you to think hard about hostessing a crowd by doing some math.

Take your number of guests (example: 200) and multiply it by 60 seconds. That’s 3.3 hours. So if you spend one minute with each guest it will take you 3 and a half hours to say hello to everyone, which you will WANT to do because hello they came to see you! Now, naturally you can combine and speak to groups of people, but still, 3.3 hours is longer than many receptions even last in total, leaving you no time for cake cutting and dancing and bouquet tossing and eating!

I want you to invite the number of people you feel comfortable hostessing. And hey - if the time factor doesn’t bother you, no shame from me, I just want you to be intentional with your choices and not be surprised by the amount of love and hugs coming your way during your reception.

Amber Phinisee

Amber Phinisee

3. Not dancing with your mom

So maybe this one’s unfair because your mom doesn’t WANT to dance, but you catch my drift. Don’t ditch the ones you love most on your big day. Hug them a lot. Be in pictures with them a lot. Find them, interrupt their conversation, and drag them to the dance floor because at the end of the day, they’re the ones who really matter most.

Keep the main things the main things, sweet brides!

You’ll be so glad you did.



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Happy Weekend, friends!

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