Wedding Planner Tallahassee

Based out of our Tallahassee office, we serve as wedding planners for Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine. 

Having your wedding in the Florida sunshine offers you a backdrop that is relaxing and picturesque. Venues like Mission San Luis, The Retreat at Bradley’s Pond, and Golden Eagle Country Club offer uniquely beautiful venues for your vows.

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and houses two state universities. It encompasses local businesses while still retaining most desirable corporate companies. Because of the colleges, it is constantly bustling with young professionals while still maintaining to keep families close because of the capital job opportunities. It has some of the most beautiful farms and artistic down town streets. But no matter where you are, there is always a huge Oak enthralled by Spanish Moss.



Wedding Planner Tallahassee

Weddings represent the joyful union of two remarkable individuals. Most brides have been dreaming of their wedding since they were young girls, but the executions of that dream tend to be harder, and more stressful, than anticipated. 

When looking for someone to plan your wedding, you don’t want to hand the job to just anyone. You’ll want the person who answers questions before you ask them, the one who comes prepared with items ranging from ban-aids to hammers, and the one who has the timing of your wedding down to a science. 

Wedding Coordinating

Wedding Planner Tallahassee


Since 2014, Laurel Avenue has carefully planned numerous weddings across the Southeast with the goal of providing our sweet brides with a relaxing and memorable day. We know a lot goes in to making a wedding perfect, but that’s not what we want our brides thinking about on the day of. We want our brides, grooms and their families to have only joyous memories of their big day. 

Our wedding planning services begin 30 days before your wedding. We start by getting all the information about your big day, the vendors you’ve booked and the plans you’ve made. We then coordinate the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. We handle everything from the vendors, the deliveries and the set up for your wedding. We are able to coordinate your wedding, wherever it is. We are there to simplify the flow of the day.  Our wedding planning services pair perfectly with our coaching services. 



Wedding Coaching

Wedding Planner Tallahassee

Our coaching services require only 3 meetings. After these meetings, you will have a plan for your budget, a list of vendor referrals and a perfect timeline for your day. We can answer questions like, “How much will ___ cost?” “When should ___ begin?” and “Can you recommend a good photographer?” We created these coaching services to help out those brides who need a little guidance from the beginning. We take the vision that our brides illustrate, and tell them how they can make it a reality. 



A month of planning with vendors + day-of wedding direction/management. 


3 one-on-one sessions with steps to plan the wedding you want with the budget you have

Kaley Wallace

Based in Tallahassee, FL  |  Coach + Coordinator

Hello, I'm Kaley!

I am so thrilled to be a part of the L.A. team. I'm a design and detail enthusiast with a heart for brides. I adore coaching, and being entrusted to offer my insight to my brides-to-be is an honor. I feel most in my element doing anything that involves Laurel Ave. 

I'm a creative at heart. In my spare time, I love to get knee deep in anything that involves painting, pretty pillows, or paper doodles. My days always include John Mayer tunes, ice cream before bed time, and walks after dinner with my sweetie-husband, Cullen. 


Wedding Planner Tallahassee



“Kaley was absolutely amazing. She may have only been "day of coordinator" for my wedding, but without her the wedding would not have gone as smooth as it did! She was so prepared and we talked on the phone every week (a month and a half before) leading up to my wedding. She came early to check out the venue, she was in contact with all of my vendors. She had everything I needed for day of. Also, I am very much a "oh I can help" kind of girl and Kaley was so great and made sure that with the days leading up to my wedding I was not stressed and that everything was taken care of! I would recommend them to ANYONE!!!” – Bride, 2016



Wedding Planner Tallahassee

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