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Friendors | Vendors with Benefits

 Here ye, here ye! 

We have an elephant that has just entered the room. 

Do I ask my friend to be a vendor at my wedding?

Calling all friends, vendors, and anyone who is struggling to truly know what it looks like to combine the two.

Friendors, if you will. 

photo | Evan Pacleb

photo | Evan Pacleb

Last October I was asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my besties' weddings, Becca. Their wedding was two weekends ago and it was exquisite. Yay, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Porche! 

photo | Evan Pacleb

photo | Evan Pacleb

Becca's wedding is a perfect example to share on the positive side of not booking your friends. There were definitely moments in her planning when I had the ability to aid her when questions were asked, but ultimately...it consisted of lovingly standing by her all day, fluffing her dress, getting hair done, and giggling without worrying about a timeline.

photo | Evan Pacleb

photo | Evan Pacleb

It was far more special to me that she and Dalton chose me to be a part of their day. I also felt that I was able to take on my role as a bridesmaid and not fall short in my duties multitasking as friend and coordinator. Including standing beside them during their vows and encompassing that moment as a friend. 



Don't be scared, we'll be honored! 

If Becca would have asked me to coordinate her wedding, I wouldn't have blinked before saying yes. In order to best fulfill any role she needed filled, I would have been anywhere at anytime. That's what best friends do, am I right?  


Don't like your friends style, but feel pressured to inquire? 

Do not show interest. Bitterness, awkwardness, and frustration is way worse than the person finding out you've booked someone else. This is about your taste. Not a distant cousin that you don't care for who enjoys DJ-ing, yet you book them anyways. 


I think it's safe to say when choosing your vendor team...ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is it logistically sound for the day of the wedding? 

+ or will they have to juggle multiple jobs

2. Do I love his/her work so badly that I want them as my vendor? 

+or am I just going with them because of my connection

3. Will they treasure the memory of being a guest or being a part in pulling the day off more? 

+ ask them this question as a tie breaker


Cheers to having talented friends!! 

The Big Fake Wedding // Atlanta

A sweet hello from all three of your LA coordinators! 

We are so giddy to share some insight into our day at The Big Fake Wedding // Atlanta. 

| The Big Fake Wedding (BFW) |

"The Big Fake Wedding® is a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional vow renewal ceremony, light bites and a dance-party reception. "Wedding guests" are brides- and grooms-to-be who get to truly experience the wedding vendors in action." 
Shauna Veasey Photography

Shauna Veasey Photography

Teamwork makes the dreamwork | written by Kaley, Tallahassee 

One is often confused that the three of us coach/coordinate weddings together. I have actually only done one wedding with Elena and the same goes for Michaela. Unless there is a specific need, we all do our own weddings. Lending a (virtual) helping hand to one another when needed. 

So, you can imagine...the  T H R E E  of us coordinating The Big Fake Wedding was candid! We kept saying, "So this is kind of what it would be like?!" 

I was pretty impressed with my ladies. Although, mainly for doing things people would never witness a coordinator doing. Including, giving a mini speech at the end of the ceremony (shoutout to M!) and making the exit favors (copper colored flags + confetti bombs).

Andie Freeman Photography + Christina Pugh

Andie Freeman Photography + Christina Pugh

Wanna know the secret for our team? Flexibility, snacks, honesty, and prayer. Truthfully, these four things have bonded our team incessantly. 

Photo | Christina Pugh

Photo | Christina Pugh

Vendors | written by Michaela, Nashville 

One of my favorite aspects of the Big Fake Wedding was definitely the vendor relations. Being a coordinator I am normally used to connecting all the dots, and making sure everyone is communicating with one another. So, for me to not know everyone's schedule throughly was a bit different! This provided the opportunity to get to know others involved, and who doesn't love getting to know others in the wedding world?

Christina Pugh + Andie Freeman Photography

Christina Pugh + Andie Freeman Photography

I loved being there for other vendors. I felt so cherished by others there and loved making those connections! It will be fun to see how the connections made that day will intertwine further down the road with real weddings! 

Andie Freeman Photography

Andie Freeman Photography

A letter to brides | written by Elena, Milledgeville 

Hey, I want you to imagine that a friend is headed to explore a city that you've been to many times. Everything in you is suddenly scanning your memory catalogues to tell the friend, "Pack this, eat here, see this sight, meet this person, stay in this hotel, and avoid this crazy road, and walk in this hidden park!" We all do it, right? With movies we've seen or restaurants we love or places we've been - we want to share what went GREAT and what didn't to those following in our footsteps. This is exactly how I felt standing in the Big Fake Wedding's tunnel of love. Golly, I guess this is a good time for me to admit that I wanted to stuff every couple inside a teddy bear and squeeze them, but this is also probably a good time for me to admit that I wished I could stop time and sit down for coffee with each one to say, "Your wedding is going to be incredible! Here are some easy pit-falls to avoid, and here are some easy things to add that will make all the difference in the world." 

As a coordinator, I have walked through many weddings with many brides and have seen first-hand what works really well and what doesn't work so well under specific circumstances, and what it takes to make even the most unrealistic things work! You CAN have the wedding you want and it DOESN'T have to cost an arm and a leg, and you CAN feel unrushed and PEACEFUL on your big day, if you just seek guidance early and often. But then, I know I'm preaching to the choir here because, the couples at the BFW were wise to be researching some of the best vendors around, and you - well, you're reading a wedding coordinator blog, so you get several gold stars. 


We're so thankful for each of the brides and grooms we get to walk with, bring clarity to, and celebrate alongside. So thankful for the chance to be there, doing what we love! 


Much Love,

Elena + Kaley + Michaela

5 Gifts for your first 5 Anniversaries

Hi! Kaley here.

First off, shoutout to all my married ladies and gentlemen! Whether you've been married for two days or four years and some change...this one's for you!

I am in love with gifting. Especially to my honey. There's something about secretly scheming a surprise that I know he will feel loved and known by. So, our first anniversary has just passed. While I was browsing around thinking of gifts, I came across the traditional list of anniversary textiles and decided I'd share a few ideas! These are all guy/girl friendly. 

Year ONE // Paper


hand calligraphed vows

Calligraphy : Hello Lettering Co. 


Year TWO // Cotton

photo by Kayla Johnson Photography

photo by Kayla Johnson Photography

tie | bedding |  towels | pajamas (obviously matching) 


Year THREE // Leather

personalized leather luggage tags + a trip


Year FOUR // Fruit/Flowers

Four Corners Photography

Four Corners Photography

plant a fruit tree | eat a fruit flavored inclusive dessert | plant a flower garden


Get a florist to do a remake of your wife's bouquet


Year FIVE // Wood


new bedroom furniture | wooden watch | handcrafted box


I hope these 14 gift ideas assist your creative side.  Happy Anniversary!