Most FAQ: "How'd You Get Started Wedding Planning?"

The #1 Most Frequently asked question I receive as a wedding planner is

"Have you ever had any Bridezillas?!"

To which I can say a confident,

"Never have. Good stories, yes. Bridezillas, no."

And the #1 Most FAQ? You got it: How'd you get into this business?

There were four main things that made the decision of business-starting an easy one for me. 

1. Growing up with entrepreneurial parents

As a homeschooler *ahem...the rumors are true, you can wear PJs a lot* I watched my parents start a successful business in the "school room" of our house which was double the education I would have gotten in "real school". I credit a lot of my business chutzpah to being around it all my life, and seeing that's it not as foreign or fancy as it might have otherwise seemed.

2. Women's Ministry Internship

My mother-in-law lovingly jokes about my season of women's ministry when I would undecorate the entire house and tote it across campus every time there was an event to be thrown. What can I say besides I have a lot of candles and bunting and WHAT 2013 girl party DIDN'T need candles and party flags, amirite. 

3. Dreaming with my bestie

Getting on towards college grad, I had a teeny tiny bit of wedding experience
(try one wedding where I probably did little more than hand out programs)
and my bestie Johna was a wedding photographer. She and I would dream about life after college to the tune of,

"How fun would it be if I planned weddings and you photographed them?!"

Johna is not to be under-sold here because (a) she named Laurel Avenue and (b) I never would have had the afore-mentioned chutzpah to start this crazy thing had it not been for her brilliant vision and encouragement.
She walked with me through it for a while, and now she has a kick-tail girl-boss job at a company that appreciates her almost as much as I do. 

4. Planning a Styled Shoot

By the grace of a God who humors baby college grads with big ideas and maybe a little too much chutzpah, I met the Howards, who own a rental business, Southern Vintage.

For reasons I will never fully grasp, they agreed to let me borrow some of their delightfully whimsical table-wear and details for my first ever styled shoot. 

This is where it all started.

If you're going to be in the wedding industry, you can't be casting about on Google for stock photos of bouquets and cakes from weddings you didn't plan, so this girl needed images, even if they weren't from a real wedding.

Just something to show,


I can pull together a thing. 

Pull together we did, which gave us enough photos for a website. 

So moral of the story:

if you're thinking about getting into the wedding planning biz, I encourage you to go for it. Dream with your pals, talk to people who are already doing it, and then take the first step by putting together a photo shoot. It'll help you meet vendors, get some photos, and most importantly, it will give you a confidence boost to say


I did a thing! And I will do more things!