Wedding Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

So you're planning the big day and starting to realize the budget doesn't stretch quite as far as you'd initially hoped. Every bride has that moment of panic and thinks, "I will just handle ________ it's too expensive to hire out!" 

Believe me, I had that moment myself as a bride, and thankfully my mom was nearby to say we're not keeping flowers alive ourselves during wedding week. So without further introduction, here are a few wedding DIY projects that I see as preeeeety risky to take on yourself if you're a normal gal like me who just wants a fun and relaxed wedding celebration. 


1. Your own flowers.

It can be so tempting to just say "I can sling a vase, lemme do my own dang flowers!" Because don't we all know that flowers are EX.PEN.SIVE.

I've only seen this go well one time and that's because the bride has lots of experience with flora and fauna, hand limited florals, a great team, and a rock-solid plan.

These beauties by Bud and Bloom of Athens

These beauties by Bud and Bloom of Athens

If you're thinking about doing your own flowers, just remember: huge, drippy stems that need to be kept cool in 5 gallon buckets of water will suddenly become part of your wedding week. I have seen moms and aunts miss MAJOR parts of wedding day/week over sloshing down the hall with buckets and vases trying to haul/babysit the flowers.

If you are budget constrained (which I 100% understand) my best piece of advice would be this: 

Don't give yourself the option of being your own florist. Either knuckle down and invest in a professional, or delegate this task to someone (non-family) who REALLY loves you and has (preferably) some floral experience and 3 full days to devote to your bouquets and boutonnières. 


What about you? Been part of a bridal party that had some success with DIY florals? Would love to hear thoughts and feedback!



This garland by Waiting on Wildflowers of Augusta

This garland by Waiting on Wildflowers of Augusta

This garland by Waiting on Wildflowers of Augusta

This garland by Waiting on Wildflowers of Augusta

2. Your own hair

...if you're not normally great at hair.

Okay, now, you may be a wiz with a wand. Mad respect. I'm just adding this one in for the girls who are hoping on a wing and a prayer to get really good at doing their own bridal up-do the week of the wedding. It's just a lot of stress to try to work on your own head, so if you're not already confident in your hair abilities, get a pro (which may be more affordable than you know!) or ask a (trusted) pal who has a good track record with a curling iron. What are those sweet bridesmaids for, amirite??

3. Linens

Again, mad respect for people who have attempted this. Amazon sure does have event linens for cheap - it can be tempting to buy them for a few dollars less each than it costs to rent them from your florist or caterer. I will now briefly recount to you a hilarious story. 

Linens are sort of...tough to iron. They're just kind of strong fabric that laughs in the face of steam and heat.

Until you have *ahem* soaked linens in a venue shower and run them across the house dripping everywhere to toss them in the dryer two at a time, you never know just how much work they are, how heavy they are, and how impossible it is to keep them pressed!

...unless of course your caterer is bringing them in the door on a nice neat rack fresh from the dry cleaners on linen hangers. Then they seem like a breeze. Seem. ;) 

This table by Roy Lamb

This table by Roy Lamb

This table by Karin Jeffcoat

This table by Karin Jeffcoat

4. Cleanup

You know what I'm gonna say here.

On the most emotional day of your life, your family is not going to feel like sweeping the venue or figuring out what to do with the venue's chairs.

This is where your coordinator can be *BOMB* but hey, if you don't have one of those, at least have a plan in place to either add on the cleaning lady from the venue package, or delegate to a team of people so that clean up is not the 4-hour, 2-person nightmare that it can so easily become. 




Okay pals, that's all for today.

Hope you hear some grace in these words to not be afraid to ask for the help you need on your day whether from family, friends, or hired pros, it takes a village! 

Cheering for you always,

Elena Balkcom


{Photo Credits in order: Britt Croft, Alyssa Alig, Lauren Carnes, Jacqui Cole, Jill Doty, Ashley Seawell, Lauren Carnes. Thanks gals!}


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