5 Gifts for your first 5 Anniversaries

Hi! Kaley here.

First off, shoutout to all my married ladies and gentlemen! Whether you've been married for two days or four years and some change...this one's for you!

I am in love with gifting. Especially to my honey. There's something about secretly scheming a surprise that I know he will feel loved and known by. So, our first anniversary has just passed. While I was browsing around thinking of gifts, I came across the traditional list of anniversary textiles and decided I'd share a few ideas! These are all guy/girl friendly. 

Year ONE // Paper


hand calligraphed vows

Calligraphy : Hello Lettering Co. 


Year TWO // Cotton

photo by Kayla Johnson Photography

photo by Kayla Johnson Photography

tie | bedding |  towels | pajamas (obviously matching) 


Year THREE // Leather

personalized leather luggage tags + a trip


Year FOUR // Fruit/Flowers

Four Corners Photography

Four Corners Photography

plant a fruit tree | eat a fruit flavored inclusive dessert | plant a flower garden


Get a florist to do a remake of your wife's bouquet


Year FIVE // Wood


new bedroom furniture | wooden watch | handcrafted box


I hope these 14 gift ideas assist your creative side.  Happy Anniversary!