End-of-Summer Reading List

Elena Balkcom for Laurel Avenue

I just returned to work after a delightful month off and I got a chance to read some real gems while I was floating around in the pool or in the car on the way to see family. For my gals that wish they had a little more time to themselves and need a good book as an excuse, here were my faves.

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Books I loved this summer are as follows:

  1. The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis) - only read if you are interested in heaven and really good (short) stories.
  2. Wild and Free (Jess Connolly and Haley Morgan) - written for women who feel like they’re either too much or not enough. So me. And probably all of us.
  3. The Best Yes (Lysa Terkhurst) - for anti-no-sayers and over-yes sayers and everyone else.
  4. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Peter Scazzero) - recommended by Jess Connolly on Jami Ivey’s Podcast, The Happy Hour, and I am going to agree with her that this book NEEDS to find its way into the hands of every believer. Emotional maturity? Sign me up! Or rather…where do I even start?!
  5. The Wreath Recipe Book - it’s exactly what it sounds like except it is so beautiful you’ll never want to shelf it. And it will make you a wreath master.
  6. Poor Girl Gourmet - A great cookbook. Low budget recipes that are a little fancier than Pinterest’s “quick and easy” offerings. Plus this author is hilarious. 
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 Summer Reading Book Ideas for sweet summer days and warm summer nights
Laurel Avenue Wedding Summer Reading Book Ideas

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