Never Getting Tired Of Nuptials

On Saturday mornings growing up, I'd wake up and watch TLC's A Wedding Story and be in absolute awe over the classic 90's rose ball bouquets and stiff taffeta dresses.  I never would have guessed I would make my living in the wedding industry, and even though I spend every day immersed in wedding culture, I still enjoy attending as a guest every time.

Last month my husband, Cullen, and I were able to celebrate two great friends. Tomorrow we are heading to historic Savannah to inhale some sea air while enjoying road trip snacks (Anyone?), while getting to cheer on two more. 

I've always loved attending weddings. Cake. Who doesn't love cake? Dancing. K-Wang anyone? I get so excited to break out my stilettos and jewels to jive the night away. I've come to realize after being in too many weddings to count, being in the industry for a living, and attending the sweetest unions ever...I will never get tired of it. I know I'm young...but honestly, it takes a certain heart that yearns to hear about color palettes, hair design, and ultimately about the couple themselves even after talking to many many brides. 

At the end of each day, my prayer is that our L.A. brides + grooms stay focused on one another and the foundation of a marriage, Christ. Who won't put on their dancing shoes for that?! 

I believe God placed wedding plans inside me many years ago to mold my heart and desires for where I am now. I'm so giddy for every wedding that comes into my path: coaching, coordinating, participating or simply attending. 


Much Love.