3 Early Signs You Need Coaching

Michaela Pollock for Laurel Avenue

Whenever I explain coaching to people they often, respond with, "oh wow, that sounds so great, I want that for my life!"

Don't we all!

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Wedding Coaching, Laurel Avenue
3 Early Signs You Need Wedding Coaching


Especially during this extremely crazy time in your life where you have 1,000 ideas and things running through your head, on top of that you're processing how you are going to involve the 50 people you love the most into this process and you're moving to another city with your man, etc. etc. 

Being engaged is A LOT. And you may just need some coaching guidance. 

Here are Laurel Avenue's top three early signs you need coaching!


1) Vendors got you like.... WOAH.

If you're getting overwhelmed with the 1,000 photographers in your town and don't know what separates them from what, coaching is for you. Or if you fell like you don't know how to find a vendor you trust and know will deliver exactly what you're thinking, this is for you!


2) Emotions are overriding the to-do list.

This is probably one of the most common reasons we see couples book us for coaching. Your fiance's parents are divorced and you're serving alcohol and your mother doesn't approve, the list goes on! Because this is such an emotional time for everyone involved situations like this get sticky. We want to help you keep your head on straight by reminding you- hey you get to take fun photos with your beau this weekend! or woohoo let's set up your makeup trial! Or maybe we just listen to your struggles and help you best delegate these situations. We love it and are 100% here for our brides. 

3 Early Signs You Need Wedding Coaching


3) You are not a self-starter.

Let's be honest, if you aren't type A wedding planning is a bit harder for you. Keeping up with a to do list isn't your forte. This is totally fine! We actually love brides like this! Through coaching we can keep you on track and help motivate you to keep on your to do list. Honestly, these brides always make me laugh because they are so appreciative of the structure. 

Wedding Coaching and Coordinating, Laurel Avenue

Here's an actual sneak peak of the checklist software that we customize that our coaching clients get access to, so we can keep up with it all together, in a way that makes sense for your budget and your goals:

Aisle Planner, Planning Software for brides

We hope this helps define more if you need coaching, because we love our coaching couples!