If Home Is Where The Work Is: Productivity

Tropical Storm Colin is upon us here in Tallahassee (cue the blanket, Gilmore Girls, & PJs), and yet I chose to write about productivity today. However, I'm accompanied by a mug full of french pressed coffee + a blueberry bagel. So how could things go wrong? 

If you work from home, most likely you are/have struggled in procrastination vs. productivity. Let's tip the scales in favor of the latter today. 


Wear Shoes

This sounds like a silly trick, but it really does work! When trying to beat a deadline and feeling lazy, throw on a pair of flats to make desk posture less informal. This can get rid of the urge to settle into the couch where you may get too comfortable, inviting procrastination. 

*Wearing your favorite sneakers while tidying the house can also boost energy and efficiency, encouraging your body to "get up and go".  

Clock Out

Have a "clock in + out" goal time each day. Set an alarm for you to be at your desk, and a 15 minute warning time that you need to be finishing up for the day. Having a schedule gives you freedom of mind to leave work at your desk and not feeling as if you have a constant list of emails, budgeting, ordering, or networking to do while you're cooking up food for your littles, or enjoying your evening from work. 

*The Laurel Avenue team uses an app called boomr which helps us track our productivity for the week and is a reminder to work hard, play hard. 

Visual Switch-up

Try to rearrange at least one thing on your desk each week. Move your mini cactus to the other side of your computer, put your chair on the opposite side of the desk, paint something with pretty colors that will add some cheer to your wall, or even turn on more lights than normal while you're working. Your office (or dining room table) can become mundane causing less motivation.

*A Harvard study proved flowers actually boost moods. Cut a wild floral branch, or get your favorite grocery store bundle for a nice pop. 

Familiar Faces

Get in touch with one familiar face a day. That one vendor crush you have on instagram, the trendy girl you see in your neighborhood walking her dog, or a longtime friend. Making a connection to someone you haven't talked to before builds up creativity and helps keep the social hour of a 'home' business in check. 

*People become beyond flattered when you instill positivity by reaching out and saying you like what they're doing with their style, business model, or even their breed of dog. What's not to love about some positivity? 


What does your best look like?



         Kaley Wallace

         Kaley Wallace