Tallahassee on My Mind


To Tallahassee,

I cried on your campus of Florida State University when Cullen received a scholarship to attend grad school in the economics department. These were not happy tears. FSU was at the bottom of the list. When I say bottom... I mean it was not on my list. {Disclaimer: I thought I was just a Georgia, Carolina, Tennessee kinda gal.} I could not have had any worse of a reaction. (Shout out to my mother-in-law who was with us and probably felt very uncomfortable. You go, Momda.) 


June 2016: We now refer to you as our beloved Tallahassee. Cullen and I scooted around ya yesterday. 


Did I just say the word beloved? Ahem. 


Your massive oaks draped with Spanish moss make us drool.



Frequent thrifting at Good Finds reminds me of our former hometown. 

And hey, there's only one little cubby of dolls in the whole place. 



You never let us down on being

1. the capital

2. part of the sunshine state.


Nor do I ever get tired of your landscape.






Thanks for welcoming us with open arms.

Love, from a little less close-minded girl,

Kaley Wallace