Best Hostess Gifts: 2016

Michaela Pollock for Laurel Avenue
Photos by Lauren Carnes Photography


      When someone offers to throw you and your boo thang a sweet shower or party all you wanna do is shower them right back with all the greatest gifts. But, maybe you struggle to come up with ideas for gifts or are running on a tight budget. Your girls here at Laurel Avenue get you!


I love gift giving and being a bridesmaid a fair few times myself ;) 

I have created Laurel Avenue's Best Hostess Gifts of 2016!


1) A baked good and a sweet card.

     I'd recommend a family recipe to bring a personal touch, as well, try using a local paper vendor for the card. Normally you kind find cards like this at local boutiques in your town!


2) A Monogrammed cutting board

     This is so practical, but who also doesn't love a good monogram?


3) A Plant

     I'd definitely recommend a succulent that represents them. You may think this sounds weird, but there are a lot of fun different succulents out there!


4) Homemade Scrubs

     There are a ton of good recipes out there of good coconut oil masks, or scrubs that you can make at home and are super easy and cheap. Throw that in a mason jar and you've got yourself a great gift!


5) Breakfast tray with all breakfast items.

     Stick coffee from their favorite coffee shop and a good scone mix and your morning-loving friend will love this gift!


6) A Print

     This can be a really personal gift. Find your maid of honor's favorite bible verse or favorite quote from a book and they'll love having that little reminder in their office. Or you may even want to print photos from your engagement party that you know they'll enjoy. 


7) Wine

     You really can't go wrong with a good bottle of Merlot and a sweet note.


8) Salt and Pepper Shakers

     I got this idea from my mom, actually! She began receiving a lot of different salt and pepper shakers in the beginning of her and my dad's marriage and now she has begun collecting them!


9) Apron

     If your party-thrower loves to bake this would be a great gift! 


Hopefully this was inspiring! Please tag us and let us know if you put any of these ideas to good use!