4 Reasons Your Bridesmaids Should Pick Their Own Dresses

Michaela Pollock for Laurel Avenue

So after reading our previous blog post about 4 reasons your bridesmaids should buy from a bridal store (link), maybe you didn't identify with any of these reasons.


Maybe you're going for a more eclectic and home-y feel. Maybe you want your bridesmaid's personalities to be shown through their dresses. 

Mix and match gray bridesmaid dresses at an industrial-chic Georgia Wedding.


Here are some of our helpful tips as to why bridesmaids should pick their own dress:

1) Everyone can choose their own dress and spend an amount they're comfortable with.

This is probably one of the most common reasons as to why people go this route with their bridesmaid dresses. Often times bridesmaid dresses can get expensive and then you feel bad asking your best gal pals to pay that and then never wear the dress again. This route can definitely minimize this mess.


Mix and Match bridesmaids dresses at a vintage-inspired Georgia wedding.

2) There is a possibility this dress can be worn again.

Hey, if you're going to be spending good money on this dress, you wanna be able to wear it again right?


3) The look is cohesive, but a little more eclectic. 

For not your average bride, this is probably a great option for you. If you're more creative, you may love looking at your bridesmaids and seeing them in different dresses. 

Mix and match bridesmaids dresses at an industrial-chic Georgia wedding. 


4) There's more freedom for your bridesmaids.

By giving this option to your bridesmaids they have more opportunity to pick a dress they like and you both love. As well, this dress will be able to be catered more to their body type. 

A great tactic for helping your gals pick their own dress is to visit your nearest Lowes or Home Depot and gather paint color cards that fit in your color scheme. If you mail those cards to your bridesmaids, they'll have something to match when they're dress shopping!

Yay! We love our brides and their team that helps them on the day of! 


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