How To Be The Best Bridesmaid...Ever. demonstrated by some incredible ladies we're had the pleasure of meeting this year.

We have seriously had some AMAZING bridesmaids. Sweet clients means they have sweet friends and that is the gospel truth. I wish I could give all our bridesmaids a big huge hug, and even if you're not pictured in this post - know you are a huge part of why I adore doing this job. Truly, I'm just highlighting bridesmaids that I have pictures of. You all deserve a medal. 

You darling women have encouraged me, checked on me and other vendors, hugged me, given me bottled water and that always blows me away because I'm just doing my job. So thank you. Thank you for being precious and self-less and kind and that includes all of you. 

1. Ask about expectations.

You know. Ask what your role as a bridesmaid really means to the bride. What is she asking of you? Some of the sweetest bridesmaid I know have taken it on to be the bride's personal encouragement force, like Gabby's sisters, running around checking on vendors and thanking people who were working hard.

I. Was. Amazed. I mean look at these angels. 

Sweet birdesmaid and mom moment in the mirror. Monroe wedding. 
Katey Penton Photo Credit

Katey Penton Photo Credit


2. Anticipate the cost.

Did you know the average bridesmaid spends about $1,500 between attire, gifts, travel, meals, showers, accessories and hotels? Yep. Get ready, sister.

Bridesmaids in airy blue dresses Macon, GA wedding

3. Instigate moments that hold things together.

  • Seeing other maids on their phones at the Bach party? Play a game of answering questions about how you all know the couple!
  • See the MOB getting stressed? Offer to run an errand.
  • Down time on wedding morning? Suggest prayer time, like SWEET Caroline's moms and maids below!
Moms and maids praying over the bride
Gorgeous light blue bridesmaid dresses and wedding florals

4. Don't take it personally.

Having an un-offendable heart is the biggest gift you can give the bride and groom if things get a little expensive/crazy/inconvenient/thrown-together/last minute. 

Holly VonLanken Photo Credit

Holly VonLanken Photo Credit

5. Be a cheerleader.

The emotional investment it takes to be a bridesmaid is huge because you need to make sacrifices to show up and celebrate, sometimes across a whole year! 

Guests are looking to you to set the tone, as part of the entourage, choose to be positive and upbeat as often as you can!

Britt Croft Photo Credit

Britt Croft Photo Credit

6. Get to know the other people involved.

Something that blessed be the most as a bride was to see the people I love get to know and eventually love each other!


Karli Ryan Photo Credit

Karli Ryan Photo Credit

7. Don't get wasted. 

OF COURSE you should enjoy the reception + dance it Mary's crew (above) who were NON-STOP on the dance floor and still amazingly helpful every minute of the day. 
Like the example of these girls, dance your heart out and be ready to tote flower arrangements to the car after the party ends.

8. Bring snacks. Everywhere. 

There's a lot to be said for the girl who can whip out a Baby Ruth if the bride has a low blood sugar, or a fellow 'maid forgot a water for your group hike. It's just a good idea.

Another way my bridesmaids blew me away was by pooling funds and meal planning/grocery shopping ahead for our bachelorette weekend. Who knows how much we saved by not needing to eat out every meal!

And drinking? Much cheaper if the Angry Orchards come from Costco rather than the Hotel Bar.

Example below: Katie's mom + maids setup the CUTEST mimosa bar the morning of the wedding.  

Bridesmaid robes coral floral at Southern Bridle Farms with the beautiful bride.
Ashlee Culverhouse Photo

Ashlee Culverhouse Photo

9. Plan games + activities to whip out of your purse at a moment's notice!

Okay I know this one sounds lame. But think about all the times groups of bridesmaids have to wait around. Could be at a restaurant together, a rainy day on the bachelorette trip, in the car riding to a dress shop, and up to 5 or 6 hours on the wedding day!?!?! Yep. 

Waiting is a big part of being in a wedding party. 

So be the girl that has a way to make the waiting fun! 

10. Be a normal friend.

Call just to talk about non-wedding things, but let her rant about wedding things if she needs to. After all, the title of bridesmaid basically means "keep being there for me even when I'm planning a major life transition." have bridesmaid greatness already inside of you.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses with vintage inspired florals. Georgia wedding.