4 Reasons to Order Bridesmaids Dresses from a Bridal Shop

By Michaela Pollock for Laurel Avenue: 

Let's be real.

Bridesmaids dresses can sometimes be one of the most indecisive decisions you make.

"They're gonna be in all the photos and up on my wall forever,"

"Is this trendy enough?"

"Is this too trendy??" 

Just a couple of the questions I imagine our LA brides ask themselves. ;)

These are valid questions, but remember this is really about your style shining and your girls looking like fire. So, we are giving you all the details on why you are someone who should go with a store or maybe your bridesmaids should pick their own dresses (check back for another post later in the month!)

1. You need easy acccountability. 

By going through a specialty bridal store, you literally can call up and ask,

"Who hasn't ordered their dress yet?"

Whereas by having the girls pick out their own dresses you are having to consistently make sure they have their dress, and you don't have the time limit like a bridal store does. 


2. You know straight away how everyone's dresses will look with one another.

Because all of the dresses are right there you won't be wondering if your maid of honor's (who lives in Texas, while you live in Connecticut) dress looks good with your best friend from work's dress. 

3. It's the traditional route.

When I see a bride contemplating what she should choose, I immediately ask if they tend to be more traditional. It's more likely if you are, you're going to be more content by going through a bridal store and having all the girls in the same dress. 


4. Everyone is in a designer gown that's catered to them.

There is no comparison of someone liking another dress, everyone is in the same dress and no one is standing out from one another. 


Overall, you wanna be pleased and you want your girls to be comfortable as well. These reasonings can be a great tool to help you decide what you'd like to do. 

There are some great bridal stores around and we love recommending them! 


All photos by Jill Doty Photography, whom we love working with!