The #1 Thing That Makes Wedding Planning A Breeze

We have the best-kept-secret weapon of frugal brides when it comes to planning. Here's our Nashville, TN based coordinator Michaela Pollock:



People often ask, so what is coaching? And what a great question, because no one else quite does this like Laurel Avenue does! 

Laurel Avenue Wedding Coach Michaela Pollock

As far as logistics, we meet for a while once per month you book, and just see where you are at in the process. Your mom is telling you you need to be getting your hair trial done but you think it's too early, you feel like you can't find a make up artist that does quite your style, and you have no idea where to find your wedding shoes. These are all little fires we love putting out. Through our first meeting we see what you need to be doing and what you are doing. We help devise a plan of action for once we leave this meeting. We also see what is behind all the planning. How are you and your fiancé really doing?! After all this is an incredibly special and once in a lifetime season for the two of y'all. 


Here are some reasons I love coaching:


1. It's so personal.

Who wants to just stare at a computer screen for days and never talk to a human?! This extrovert loves giving people to-do lists so specific and chatting up with brides about their planning problems. 


2. I love being a cheerleader.

I have two older brothers and I always went to all of their sports games and cheered them on, so I've been developing this whole cheerleader thing since I was about five. During your season of engagement it may seem like your to do list never ends, which let's be honest, it never does and you need someone to affirm you along the way, who at the same time is helping you see where to stop and where to keep going.

Wedding Coaching is a planning service that allows brides the option of choosing what months they need planning help and a personal planner to assist their process and refer vendors along the way!


3. Our online planning software.

I wish I could have these tools just for organizing life. It helps you see everything concerning your wedding in one place. Your budget is set into place, our grand checklist is all there, we can create your timeline and you can access it there, and your bridal calendar can also go there. This creates a space to just fill everything wedding out and we sort and detail it and allow you to JUST handle what you need to be handling. 


Basically I love our brides and I love coaching because this allows for a friendship and way for us to personalize more of your wedding and remind you how cool this experience is. 




Wedding Coaching is ONLY $100 per month for as few or as many months as you need us! This is a lot of support /service for not a lot of money. It won't be this affordable forever, so get in touch today

Serving anywhere in the Southeast.