5 Secrets for the Most Enjoyable Wedding Day

Five Secrets for the most fun and enjoyable wedding day ever for the bride. Wish I had known these when I was a bride!


Decoding what makes the day perfect for brides and grooms is kind of high on my priority list. Real high.

Here are 5 things I THINK make a wedding day the best for YOU, the bride.

Jill Doty Photography, Floral by Roy Lamb

Jill Doty Photography, Floral by Roy Lamb


1. During wedding month, forget all the "could-haves".

Shhhhh stop questioning your choices and stop thinking of all the things you could have crafted. It's going to be awesome. Give yourself a hug and go sit on the porch with a Sweet Tea.



2. Send those meaningful words in a text.

There's so much PRESSURE to learn calligraphy and hand-write notes to every person you've ever loved on hand-pressed parchment and hand-deliver them in a tearful wedding day picture.  

I'm letting you off the hook.

During wedding week, you'll have thoughts about all the love you're surrounded by. Let you self jot it down, tell Siri to send it in a text, or say it out loud to the person. Don't feel like it has to be fancy to be meaningful. The only thing you'll regret is putting too much pressure on yourself to get it written and then getting to the last minute and not say anything at all. 

3. Delegate and delegate early.

People want to help. That's why they keep offering. If you don't have a task to share...make one up. That person will come through. Include, include, include!

4. Press "mute", don't take offense.

Nothing ruins a wedding day faster than a family member that accidentally (or intentionally, God forbid) offends the bride or groom. If you say no to drama and violence, everyone will take their cues from you. DIFFUSE with kindness. I believe in you.

5. Keep the main thing the main thing.

When the money and the emotions bog you down, just picture waking up next to that sweetheart of yours and what you'll be doing 5 years together from now. That's what everybody is celebrating for! Your new family of 2!

The secrets to a happy wedding day that every bride needs to hear.

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