Featured Couple: Ashley + Ryan Wood

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Meet Ashley & Ryan Wood! Ashley & Ryan live in Wake Forest, NC where Ashley is a Preschool teacher and Ryan is a student at Southeastern Seminary and is a customer service move coordinator. They have been married for one year and four months!

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Ashley described Ryan as gentle, diligent, and smart and Ryan described Ashley as gentle, compassionate and faithful.

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On any given Saturday you can find Ashley and Ryan sleeping in, sharing a big breakfast together, spending some time reading, going out to lunch, visiting a coffee shop, and eating dinner together while watching something on Netflix. 

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What do you love about your marriage most?

Ashley: The friendship with our marriage. Being able to have someone to share the good days and the bad days and knows so much about you and your heart. Someone you always enjoy being with, it’s a very special friendship. You feel very safe and I love the safety I feel.
Ryan: The simplicity and to be with one another a lot. The companionship of it. We get to do the exciting and mundane things together. The simplicity of companionship. Just being able to be with one another. The pressure is off to keep the romance as the center of the relationship. We are together forever. We just love one another.
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What advice would you give to someone who just got engaged?

Ashley: Enjoy the season. It goes by so quickly. It’s such a sweet season and it’s hard in the waiting. Sometimes that waiting can overshadow the joy and excitement. Enjoy all the little things and all the people. Use that time to build that friendship with one another.
Ryan: I’m thankful for our engagement because we were a part for a lot of it, which is tough. Use your engagement to become the person you want to be for your spouse. WE both had a lot of time to grow. Allowing that time to look into your life and seeing what you want to change and who do I want to become. The Lord used that time to grow us.
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How do you honor your spouse in conflict?

Ashley: Ryan will say, “I’m not deliberately hurting you,” I’ve had to tell myself this truth. That really stuck out to me one day. I would take it very personally. Being the one that is more sensitive is I have to remind myself that he isn’t against me and giving him the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of how you are feeling, remembering this person lvoes me and remembering where he is. We are a team and he’s for me. It’s a lot of grace and forgiveness. You do have to forgive and very quickly not hold it over them or against them.
Ryan: Addressing it quickly. Allowing myself to be “inconvenienced” by resolving the conflict immediately. I normally feel like it is something that can wait, but working through it and talking about it right after so we can move on. 
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We loved getting to know more about Ashley and Ryan's marriage! They have such big hearts and we glad to have them on the blog!

Special thanks to Eleanor Stenner & Katie Snyder