Welcome: Nashville, TN!

Yep, you read that right! Laurel Avenue now has a branch in Nashville, Tennessee! 

Michaela Pollock, founder of The Eventor, has teamed up with Laurel Avenue to form a wedding coordinating super-team!

Elena's Words:
Back in December, I felt the Lord really leading me to have a conversation with Michaela who was running her own event planning company at the time. Michaela is a fellow Georgia College grad (go bobcats!) and event planning guru. She's a project managing mastermind, and friend to MANY. During that same time, Michaela was also feeling like we should have a conversation. When we finally got on the phone, we weren't two minutes into the conversation before I was asking her if she could imagine working together. Poor thing- I probably overwhelmed her since this was our first conversation in over 3 months, and I barely said hello, but I could NOT wait. 
Here we are, January, and we have MERGED people.

Something that we have discovered about Michaela is that her strengths and experience from running her company are perfect compliments to the strengths we have here at Laurel Ave. Our collective agreements goes something like...we are already working towards a common goal- why not work TOGETHER for the better of everybody?! Isn't there some saying...Teamwork makes the DREAMWORK?!

A few notable details:

  • Eventor and Laurel Avenue have the same heart for clients.
  • Eventor and Laurel Avenue want to see weddings transformed into stress-free environments for true celebration of holy union with precious family.
  • Eventor and Laurel Avenue exist in territories right next to each other.
  • Eventor and Laurel Avenue could totally become one, and use our collective strengths to do more, be more, and give more. 

So here we are, merging minds, merging goals, merging talents, and using our God-given abilities together to make weddings happen everywhere. 

Having Michaela (The Eventor) join up with our company has been UNBELIEVABLE. She has a level of professionalism in her work and a motivation to self-start. She is an encourager. She's willing. She's humble. And she is an example to us of what it looks like to make a stressed bride feel right at home and totally cared for. She is a true creative with ideas bigger than the Opry Stage (Nashville jokes, people). With Michaela, we are a better team. With Michaela we are a cord of three strands (marriage jokes, people). 

Truly, I could not be more honored to have joined with The Eventor, a long-time girl-boss inspiration of mine, and now- NASHVILLE!

A HUGE thanks to Alex Thornton Photography for taking these BOMB headshots of Michaela. Seriously, Alex, you are the real MVP. If you ever find yourself in Augusta, you are of course welcome in my home. *hugs*