3 Laurel Ave Wins

Hey crew! 

Time for me to share 3 updates about the business behind the Instagram, or whatever part of our company you may interact with most. 

Well, here we are, January of 2016 and a lot has happened. In fact, there are THREE LAUREL AVENUE COORDINATORS NOW.  I'm going to reveal our newest addition to you in a few days, so hang tight.

Here are 3 L.A. Wins for the year!

Hiring a wedding coordinator was a great decision for our wedding day because we didn't have to worry about any of the details. 

1. Laurel Avenue coordinators have pinned more than 100 boutonnieres and there have been zero groom/groomsman casualties.

Wedding coordinating keeps any wedding day on-schedule on a budget. Augusta, GA, Macon, GA, Tallahassee FL, Nashville, TN

2. Not one Laurel Avenue wedding ceremony has started late.

That means no scheduling meltdowns, getting ready delays, set up fails, family picture drama, or runaway brides (I just did *cheers* with my coffee mug).

Wedding coaching and coordinating make for a smooth and successful wedding day. Wedding ispiration, natural light photography. Wedding coaching and coordinating Macon GA. Wedding coordinator Augusta, GA Tallahassee, FL Nashville, TN

3. Between the 3 Laurel Avenue Coordinators, we currently have weddings on the books in 11 different cities around the southeast. *gasses up the CRV*

Thankfully there are a few duplicate cities in there. For example we'll be in Monroe, GA at least 4 times this year, actually. #gohurricanes


Y'all already know how we do it around here.

We thank the Lord for providing EVERY good thing. Every client match, smooth and successful wedding day, travel mercy and protecting every gown from wine spills- we praise him for. Thanks for keeping up with the good news!





Photo Credits: Photo 1 - 4 Corners Photography // Photo 3 - C Hope Photography