How To Realistically Find Your Dream Wedding Gown

Quick Tip: Ordering a wedding gown can take up to 20-25 weeks.


So, now that you’ve said yes to being a new MRS. soon, it’s time to start dress shopping! {Yippee!} In addition to working for LA, I am a wedding dress stylist. So, I have come up with some helpful tips to begin the journey to finding the gown that you’ll become a wife in!



Something most people don’t like to talk about…however, completely necessary. Wedding gowns can range from fifty dollars to a million. If you’re looking for a more narrowed budget range, you can expect $300-$3,000, depending on where you shop. It is key to know your limit because it won’t be just a dress you’ll be wearing. Be sure to think about a veil, bra, slip, shoes, alterations, & jewelry in your expenses.


Body VS. Hanger:

Almost all dresses look better once you actually put them on, rather than stuffed amongst other dresses on a rack. Especially if you are looking for something fitted… Don’t knock it till you try it.


Dress Silhouettes:

Be sure to keep an open mind towards different silhouettes. Although you may like something in a magazine or on Pinterest, try on different shapes so that you can see what flatters your figure most.

Here are a few different examples.

Graphic by

Miss Independent:

{Cue Destiny’s Child}

Although you may want to bring your whole entourage, it may be better to bring just a bestie or two when choosing the gown. Then, once your dress arrives to the store from being ordered (assuming this scenario) you can bring your crew to pick out finishing touches. This allows for a petite pallet of tastes and will be more focused on how you, as the bride, envision yourself looking like during your big hoorah! 

Happy hunting!