Vendor Favorite: Johna Griswell Photography

By: Elena
Often on the blog or on Facebook I (Elena) say "WE".
Now, normally I'm disappointed to see "we" on company blogs, because the point of a blog is to make content more relatable to the reader, and using "I" makes the blog reader's experience much more personal. It becomes person to person rather than company to consumer.
For the times I have typed "WE love weddings...etc" I would like to show you who "we" is.  I can assure you: the person that takes us from 1st person singular to 1st person plural in the grammatical sphere is absolutely someone worth knowing. Johna Griswell (as I see her):  Finder of beauty, Lover of Truth, Designer of trends, Planner, Discerner, Encourager, Communicator, Fighter, Visionary, Caretaker, Sister, Daughter, Friend, and - what we will celebrate below - Photographer.

At Laurel Avenue, when the word "we" is used, it means Elena + Johna, owners and creators of this company.


Meet Johna -

E: Let's tell them how you got started.

J: In Fall 2011, was my very first paid gig - a family shoot with Tate Welling

In January 2012 was my first wedding, with my Rebel in hand, getting paid a couple hundred bucks, I was like a giraffe learning how to walk. Boy, I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

I'm really thankful for the people that gave me a chance in the early days. The people that had no reason to have any faith or trust in me yet they went out on a limb and gave me a shot. It was those people that helped me get to where I am.

E: Johna has done 16 weddings to date, with quite a few more on the calendar.

E: What's your approach?

J: Things I don't believe in:

Getting too "Pinterest-y". Ladies - my work is not going to look like a compilation of your wedding board. Otherwise, it wouldn't be art.

I refuse to over-pose you. This isn't glamor shots. This is your wedding day. And I believe in making highlighting the best, natural you.

But what I do promise -

I vow to be a peaceful presence and a voice of reason in the crazy hectic whirlwind that happens before your wedding. 

Above all. Your wedding day is about you. If you want a photograph of you riding a donkey, eating a taco, and wearing a sombrero, then I'll say, "Let's do it, sister!"


E: Do you have any tips for aspiring photographers?

J:  Don't be afraid to fail. Chances are the first 10,000 pictures you take are not going to be all that good. So what? Grab some friends and go shoot, somewhere or something you've never shot before. Get experience before you're in front of a church filled with people waiting for you to mess up.

Also. Don't think that just because the market is flooded with photographers, there's not room for you. Believe that there is a place for you and fear not.

See this and more at her website:   Johna Castro .

See this and more at her website: Johna Castro.

Thankful you stopped by our {1st person plural possessive} blog.

Elena + Johna