Trend Tuesday

Last month, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine featured an eye catching floral arrangement.

Beautiful, right?

And guess what....IT'S PAPER! *Swoon

Are paper flowers the new silk flowers? Is it possible that paper flowers are in some ways superior to the real live thing? There seem to be lots of brides asking the same questions. So, based on message boards (like I've decided to make a Pro-Con Chart of what brides are saying about their own floral experiences, in case you're itchin' to know!



So, it seems there are arguments for each option, and perhaps paper flowers are making a strong entrance for good reason.

With books like this one (which I just purchased from Anthropologie)..... is becoming quite possible to breathe some life into your wedding day without spending the big bucks on fresh cut arrangements.


Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Tuesday,