How to Beat the Lets-Get-This-Wedding-Over-With Attitude

For those who are not yet engaged, engagement may seem like the actual most magical time of your life. I'm not here to burst your hopeful bubble, but working with brides, I have been met with the overwhelming response of

"let's just get past the wedding". 

It's easy to look ahead to your wedding and just see your savings going down drain, or see your parents footing all the bills and feeling guilty for eating grapes out of their fridge because of the $6,000 they're about to drop on one days worth of food for you. Some brides even feel guilty for feeling guilty, because this is supposed to be fun, right?

I'm here to tell you, if you plan your entire wedding without one single emotional breakdown over budgets or seating charts or cake cutting fees: you're not normal.

Our job is to make the process a little easier. Lighten the load, so to speak. But it makes me so sad when I can't produce a magic wand and make three thousand extra dollars appear for my brides.

I've got three secret weapons to beat the "I-Don't-Wannas"

1. Remember why you're throwing this party. 
See, sometimes you want to pull your hair out over your wedding, and when that happens, you just need to go get a sandwich and a magazine and walk away for a minute and think about why you are getting married and why you're having a wedding and most of the time that will make your time and energy feel more necessary. Try not to let money make you so jaded you miss the butterflies of the planning process. Call your intended and talk about your first date. 

2. Forget perfection. 
If the price of a "normal" wedding is killing your groove, think about each part of the process and ask yourself and your groom if the $500 altar flowers are super important to you or if you're just doing it because it's normal.

3. Remember how your guests are gonna feel.
 Your wedding is a huge gift to them because they're going to have an awesome time celebrating you. Every thoughtful detail will be so appreciated and noticed. Your wedding is a love language of its own, really!

Bonus Suggestion: Set boundaries. I AM SERIOUS. Choose a day of the week where you don't work on, think about or talk about this wedding. Get your family in on it! 

Johna Griswell Photography, Southern Vintage Rental, Jeanne Brock Florals

Johna Griswell Photography, Southern Vintage Rental, Jeanne Brock Florals

Love you brides to be! 

Merry Christmas,