Vendor Highlight: Kalin Jordan


When you meet Kalin, you might think, "This girl is adorable. She's probably got good grades, cute hand towels, a clean dashboard, a yellow raincoat, and a knack for making chill playlists and good omlettes."

And you're probably right. 

Except...Kalin also happens to be an artistic power-house. 

She has a knack for communicating one-dimensionally, whether hand lettering or photography, or in this case- the best of both worlds. 

Day-dream about hanging this print in the kitchen of your first house together so you can remember all the coffee dates that landed you where you are. 

So, if she put your words in... VOILA! you have a printed product ready to mail. How cute would this be as the front of a save-the-date post card?

Put these in tiny frames for the sweetheart    table like fancy placecards! Okay?!



I know you want to get in touch with this girl, either for her hand lettering skills, or her photography. I know I can't wait to work with her in the future.


Let me just leave you with her email.


Have a swell Wednesday,