So you have this business.

...or part of a business? Or maybe just a website and a prayer?

I walked through 3 years of growing into a profitable wedding industry business, by trial and error (and more error) always looking for the next webinar to attend, when really, I just needed a little business counseling. Ya feel me??

Who needs another class to help with Instagram following, when what we really need is human eyes to look at what's already in play and decide next steps and how to do this thing better?

Questions you're asking

+ Do I need a biz license (also...what is that)?  + When do I raise my prices?  + Do I need to pay a website guy to help me?!  + How do I find ideal clients? + What is my social media missing?  + Should I do a styled shoot?  + Can anyone help me with client gifts?  + What are people doing about taxes (also, what even is the deal there)?  + Can you help me know what services to offer? + I'm not 100% happy with things and I need next steps.

What's up for grabs

Instead of a class, I'm offering a friendly phone call.
Instead of a download, I want to know your business + strategize with you.

What's the money, honey

$250 includes
+ Questionnaire prior  + 1.5 Hour call  + At least 3 take-away action items

Let's start now.

Don't save this and come back later. Go ahead and invest your time and energy well. Get a second pair of eyes on the business you have or dream of having. It's never too early. Inquire below, pal!

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All the photos on this page taken by my friends Lindsey Larue and Lauren Carnes. Thanks, buds.